What’s a Swizzle Stick and How Do You Use It?

When a drink needs to be stirred and not shaken, a swizzle stick becomes an easy-to-use essential tool. Swizzle sticks take their name from a cooking technique, swizzling, where a cooking tool was turned between two palms as it was gently lifted and lowered into the mixture.

Swizzle sticks have come a long way since their humble beginnings. In fact, in the 1920s, custom swizzle sticks made their way into Buckingham Palace to elevate drink preparation and presentation. While you often see swizzle sticks in bars, custom options from Occasional Paper Cuts can be made to turn your bridal shower or other special events into an upscale soiree.

The Purpose and Benefits of Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle sticks are used in the place of a spoon to blend the various ingredients in a cocktail to create the perfect sip. They are almost exclusively used in drinks that include crushed ice. However, when you choose your custom swizzle sticks from Occasional Paper Cuts, you can use them in any beverage where you want to add a little character or customization.

A swizzle stick's benefits include a minimum of mess and clean up. If you stir a drink with a spoon to marry the flavors, you're bound to make a mess when you remove it before serving it. You'll have to wipe down the glass and your prep area between each drink.

You can use custom swizzle sticks to highlight your creativity at your next party or major event. Our team can put your family's picture on a custom swizzle stick or the family pup. Our specialty sticks can include monograms, individual shapes and faces, and verbiage to celebrate a happy couple, new baby, or recent graduate.

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How to Use a Swizzle Stick

To use a swizzle stick, place it into a drink as you add the crushed ice and ingredients. While you might think swizzle sticks are only appropriate for drinks containing alcohol, they're ideal for any beverage with two or more ingredients that need to be stirred or where one component might settle to the bottom of the glass.

You can use a swizzle stick like a spoon and stir it around the edges and center of the glass. However, if you want to impress your guests, the correct way to use one is to place the stick between the palms of your hands and rapidly move your hands in a back-and-forth motion to mix the ingredients more thoroughly. Of course, they'll be even more impressed when you add custom swizzle sticks that you picked out from Occasional Paper Cuts.

Stir it Up With Custom Swizzle Sticks

You might be picturing swizzle sticks as those single-color plastic sticks that get plopped into your drinks. However, there's a world of custom swizzle sticks out there waiting to capture your imagination and raise the bar at your next event.

At Occasional Paper Cuts, we have a large selection of custom options that you can personalize and make your own. There are options to add a photo of your dog or your children to make your swizzle sticks a reflection of your life.

Our team can help you choose the custom swizzle stick that's ideal for your event, from a wedding to a graduation. We take pride in a reasonable lead time on all our custom work, so your swizzle sticks arrive in plenty of time for the big event.

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Impress Your Guests with Swizzle Sticks from Occasional Paper Cuts

Now that you've answered the question, what is a swizzle stick? It's time to elevate your cocktail game. Occasional Paper Cuts can make custom swizzle sticks to wow the guests at your next bash or help brand your business's cocktails with flair. Our team partners with you to create your ideal swizzle sticks for your party or business. You can start planning your eye-catching custom swizzle sticks today with a quote or browse our inventory today.

January 02, 2024 — V Digital Services