Gender Reveal Themes for Your Special Event

Having a baby is an exciting time, and one of the best milestones is the general reveal party. You want your gender reveal party to be a special event. Gender reveal themes set the tone for the event and your pregnancy. Occasional Paper Cuts is here to give tips for a memorable event.

Choosing the Perfect Gender Reveal Theme

There are many genders reveal themes to set the stage for your special event. Occasional Paper Cuts has put together a look at some of the most popular:

Classic Gender Reveal Themes

Although gender reveal parties are fairly new, there are some classic themes. These include a simple party where the gender of the boy or girl is revealed using cake or cupcakes. The gender reveal theme is the sex of the baby and the joy of finding out.

Whimsical and Fantasy Themes

A whimsical boy or girl gender reveal party can feature anything you can imagine. Unicorns with horns featuring pink and blue or a cascade of flower decorations set the mood for your whimsical and fantasy-themed parties.

Modern and Trendy Themes

Erupting volcanoes, fireworks, and confetti cannons are all the rage for trendy and modern gender reveal parties. You can use a touch of technology and flash to give your gender reveal party pizzazz.

Decor Ideas for a Memorable Gender Reveal

There's more to a gender reveal party than finding out the sex of the baby. To make it truly special, you need to use decor to put your personalized touch on the party, such as:

Drink Stir Sticks: Stirring Up Excitement

Drink stir sticks are one of the fine details Occasional Paper Cuts can provide. Our team can custom print your sticks with a message or add photos of you and your partner.

Table Settings: Adding a Touch of Elegance

If you're planning a dinner as part of your gender reveal, table settings add a touch of flair. You can use nameplates to guide people to their spots. Available options can complement the theme you've selected, from a whimsical pumpkin carriage to a traditional tag.

Signage: Making a Statement

From where to go and where to sit to good wishes, signage as part of a gender reveal theme is a must. Table signs come in a rainbow of colors, which are ideal for a gender reveal, and you can attach your own message or have them custom-printed.

Wood Picks: Adding a Rustic Flair

Wood picks allow you to identify various flavors and dishes that might need clarification during your gender reveal party. These rustic picks make it easy to distinguish honey butter from regular butter or flavored cream cheese options.

Drink Tags and Charms: Personalizing the Party

Custom drink tags and charms from Occasional Paper Cuts help to personalize your gender reveal theme. These charming details can be affixed to almost any glass or bottle size, so all your guests enjoy them.

Cupcake and Wedding Toppers: Sweet Surprises

Cupcake and cake toppers add a bit of flair to each sweet treat you hand out. You might opt for a traditional topper, such as a baby bottle or rattle, or a custom topper with personal details.

Large Cut Outs: Creating a Focal Point

Large cutouts can direct the gaze of all your party guests when it's time to reveal the gender of your new baby. With many custom options, Occasional Paper Cuts can help you make a statement.

Set the Stage for an Unforgettable Gender Reveal with Occasional Paper Cuts

After choosing your boy or girl gender reveal event theme, it's time to partner with Occasional Paper Cuts to order the supplies you want. Our team springs into action to craft your supplies according to your specifications. Contact us today, and we can help make your special event a success.

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January 02, 2024 — V Digital Services