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As a business, you often face the challenge of finding the best design for a menu or table sign. Unfortunately, you might not have the time, skill, or interest to take on that task. It is ideal to leave that responsibility to professionals who can create a table sign that captures your business or occasion.

Looking for a unique and eye-catching way to display your menu to customers or table numbers to guests? Look no further! Occasional Paper Cuts is specialized in creating custom table signs for all types of businesses and occasions.


Customized Table Signs for Bars & Restaurants

Technology has become a part of all aspects of society, and it is up to businesses to decide whether to adapt or be left behind. Bars and restaurants are seeing more tech-savvy consumers patronizing them and are no longer moved by the old-school type table signs and menus. More businesses are moving towards digital menus and QR code table signs to cater to this growing demographic.

Customers spend most of their time on smartphones making regular table signs and menus unappealing to them. Scannable table signs can help attract this demographic to browse more of your menu, leading to more sales or consumer promotional information. Nonetheless, you should integrate technology into your business; custom table signs are the best way to do it.

Your bar or restaurant can benefit from having custom table signs as you can dictate what information should be displayed. Traditional table signs were common, and establishments would have similar designs making it hard for your business to stand out. QR code table signs are innovative and customizable, ensuring no other bar or restaurant has identical designs.

Our QR Code Sign is equally appealing in design and functionality. Customers can easily access your menu by scanning the code and helping them choose a meal or beverage before your waiter arrives to take the order. The QR Code Sign can also promote your business at events and double as a table sign.

At Occasional Paper Cuts, our expertise and creativity in making table signs can help us design the best custom table sign for your bar or restaurant.


Celebrate Every Wedding or Special Event With Customized Table Signs

Weddings are memorable, special events for couples and guests alike. Wedding table signs have been used for many years to guide guests to their designated sitting area. Customized table signs can help spruce up your wedding or special event by having the design match your theme or intended purpose.

Customized table signs ensure your wedding remains unique and on theme even with the common objects. Guests will marvel at the beautiful design of our table signs as they are guided to their tables. Table signs are more than placeholders. At Occasional Paper Cuts, we redefine their purpose at a wedding or special event.

Event planners are tasked with creating a unique experience for guests, and few things are more noticeable than custom table signs for events. Your guests will likely take note of the table QR Code table sign and scan it for either the menu or promotional information. Therefore, event table signs should not be overlooked as they leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Don't settle for regular and boring table signs; Occasional Paper Cuts has unique custom table signs for events that fit any wedding or special event.


Shop Personalized Table Signs For Your Next Special

If you own a bar or restaurant, you should move away from the traditional table signs and adopt QR Code table signs to reach out to your tech-savvy clientele. Weddings and special events also have to create aesthetically pleasing table signs, and we can address these needs. Our custom table signs will leave a lasting impression on our customers or guests.

Never settle for less! Visit our online store and personalize any of our customizable table signs to set your bar, restaurant, or wedding apart from others.

Have Questions About Acrylic Table Signs?

Discover an array of sophisticated and stylish event accessories that will elevate your next special occasion. Our collection includes a variety of chic and elegant table signs, such as acrylic table numbers, table place cards, reserved signs, and table markers.

You'll also find contemporary and clear table signs, modern table signs, and acrylic menu holders that will seamlessly blend with any decor. From tabletop signage to elegant table signs, we offer a range of high-quality products that are perfect for weddings, corporate events, or any other celebration where attention to detail is key.

With our products, you can add a touch of class and refinement to your event while keeping things fresh and unpredictable. So why wait? Browse our selection today and discover the perfect pieces to make your event unforgettable.