Party Trends 2024: Jumbo friendship beads to hang

Party Trends 2024: Jumbo friendship beads to hang

Looking for the hottest party trend of 2024? How about gathering with a couple of your friends to make bracelets with beads? Learning how to do beading is a fantastic skill, and the best way to improve it is by exchanging ideas with your buddies. You can make your peculiar beaded jewelry or even have a group project. 

There are many cool bracelet themes from which to borrow inspiration in 2024. Here is our curated list of what to incorporate in your next party as you make DIY friendship bracelets with beads.

Traditional Garland Decorations

Beads were a huge deal in the US back in the day. When the DIY subculture emerged in the 70s, it inspired the rise of beaded, woven, collectible jewelry. Friendship bracelets were a huge part of summer camp; you had to have some bead accessories to show off on the first day of school. These traditional patterns evoke some feelings of nostalgia and are a popular way to express your personality and perspective of beauty. 

Pop Culture Inspirations 

Beaded bracelets inspired by various pop culture icons are a huge trend you cannot afford to miss out on. Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid are well-known for showcasing their beaded fashion, and so are famous designers. 

However, Taylor Swift is probably the pop culture figure who has ignited the biggest jumbo friendship bracelet frenzy. Swifties worldwide are spending plenty of time and money making friendship bracelets to exchange with each other during her concerts. This is why pictures flooding the internet from the Eras tour feature concertgoers displaying their friendship bracelet collections on their wrists.   

Futuristic Vibes 

Futuristic bead art can come in various forms and colors and is a fantastic way to express yourself. For example, due to their unique shape, hexagon-shaped beads are often fantastic for creating a futuristic vibe. They have a sophisticated feel that makes them ideal for special bracelets. You could also opt for cushion-shaped, tube-shaped, or briolette beads, all of which have some form of unique beauty. The key is to combine several shapes to create a marvelous futuristic bracelet. 

Alphabet Beads 

The perfect way to wear your story is by rocking a beaded alphabet bracelet. They normally feature a short word or phrase that could be spread out over two or more bracelets. You can use them to spell out your mantra or feelings before gifting them to someone special in your life.  

What Do You Need to Make Jumbo Friendship Beaded Decor?

Before you sit down with your friends to make large friendship bracelets, there are several supplies you need to gather, including: 

  • Jewelry pliers. They come in numerous forms and are essential for twisting wires, holding them in place, crimping and straightening them, and opening/closing jump rings. 

  • Wire cutters. These are also known as flush cutters, as they help you cut the string or wire you are using at a flat angle that ensures you can't scratch yourself on them. You can also use your jewelry pliers if it has cutting points at the base of the head.     

  • Beads. The beads are the most important component of the entire bracelet-making party! Many materials are available, including plastic, stone, wood, clay, resin, glass, and even gemstones. 

  • Wire/string. After stringing your beads, you need a strong material that hardly breaks. Nylon or elastic, among other stretchy materials, are ideal for those who want to make it easy to stretch the bracelets when wearing or removing them. Other common materials include beading or cabled wires, leather, and twine.   

  • Findings. These little bits and bobs will make your beaded bracelets stand out. They could be toggles, caps, pins, jump rings, or even clasps. Some help to prevent the beads from rubbing against each other, while others are just ornamental. 

Visit Occasional Papercuts for Friendship Bead Decor and More!

Ready to assemble your friends to make DIY friendship bracelets with beads? First, gather everything you need for the party. Occasional Paper Cuts sells various beads and other materials to make these friendship bracelets. We even have kits packed with all the necessary supplies to make your own Jumbo Friendship Bracelet Garland. Visit our online store today to make your order.

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Craft Your Signature Drinks: Custom Summer Stirrers

Craft Your Signature Drinks: Custom Summer Stirrers

Imagine this: You've spent hours refining your signature summer cocktail. The flavors are perfectly balanced, and the presentation is stunning, yet something is…missing. That's where custom summer cocktail stirrers swoop in to save the day. These little beauties are functional and stylish. They offer an opportunity to elevate your beverage presentation while adding a personalized touch to all your parties.


Why You Need a Drink Stirrer

Summer cocktail ideas are plentiful, yet sometimes, it's the little touches that turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary affair. A custom cocktail stirrer is ideal for beverages with crushed ice. As the ice melts, guests can use the stirrer to gently distribute the colder liquid throughout the drink to ensure a consistently flavorful experience. Stirrers can also double up as handy tools for retrieving garnishes in layered cocktails. 

A custom stirrer with a slightly forked end can easily fish out the garnish for easy enjoyment. Let's not forget the fun factor; custom stirrers with distinctive shapes or playful designs can act as conversation starters and add a touch of whimsy to any get-together. Did you know you can also get flavored stirrers that take your summer cocktail ideas to a whole new level? 

You can infuse drinks with the subtle sweetness of vanilla beans, the rich aroma of coffee, or the zesty tang of a lemon-infused stirrer. These innovative stirrers gently release their flavor as guests stir their drinks, making every sip a delightful surprise. Therefore, next time you're thinking of summer cocktail ideas, consider the creative possibilities of your drink stirrer.

Material and Design Possibilities for A Custom Cocktail Stirrer

The beauty of a custom cocktail stirrer is its versatility, and numerous ways exist in which you can unleash your creativity. At Occasional Paper Cuts, our custom summer cocktail drink stirrers are made from acrylic, wood, and eco-friendly materials to ensure durability. Let your imagination run wild. Consider choosing from our selection of vibrant colors and classic shapes to create your own custom design to complement your beverages.

Think fun motifs for a pool party, elegant monograms for a wedding, or paw or face prints for your furry friend's special day. Envision serving up refreshing mojitos with palm tree-shaped stirrers at your tropical-themed luau, or add sophistication to your signature cocktails with glass charms and custom-made stirrers at your wedding reception. Your guests will be delighted to see a stirrer designed for the occasion featuring their name or a personalized message. It's a small detail that creates a massive impact.

Tailored to Match Specific Themes and Branding

Yes, custom cocktail stirrers provide a great way to mix your drink, but they can be stylish statement pieces when designed professionally. Their vibrant colors and unique look make them an eye-catching addition to your bar cart or table setting. What better way to promote your business than with cocktail drink stirrers tailored to match specific themes, events, or branding? If you want to showcase your company logo at a corporate affair and create an impressive experience for clients and guests, go for customizable stirrers.

Stir Up Something Special with Occasional Paper Cuts

At Occasional Paper Cuts, we're passionate about helping you create memorable moments for any occasion. With our collection of custom cocktail drink stirrers, you can add an exclusive touch to your summer celebrations, whether it's a backyard barbecue, a pool party, a graduation soirée, or even a themed pet birthday bash. Our design team will work closely to help you:

  • Personalize custom drink stirrers to match your logo, theme, or seasonal event
  • Choose colors that align with your brand identity or summer cocktail ideas for a cohesive look
  • Experiment with different materials and finishes to reflect the originality of your brand or occasion

Visit our website to explore our full collection of custom summer cocktail drink stirrers for your upcoming event.
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Step Into Taylor's World: Planning the Perfect Taylor Swift Theme Bash

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Gender Reveal Themes for Your Special Event

Gender Reveal Themes for Your Special Event

Having a baby is an exciting time, and one of the best milestones is the general reveal party. You want your gender reveal party to be a special event. Gender reveal themes set the tone for the event and your pregnancy. Occasional Paper Cuts is here to give tips for a memorable event.

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What’s a Swizzle Stick and How Do You Use It?

When a drink needs to be stirred and not shaken, a swizzle stick becomes an easy-to-use essential tool. Swizzle sticks take their name from a cooking technique, swizzling, where a cooking tool was turned between two palms as it was gently lifted and lowered into the mixture.

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Wedding Decor Checklist: Cocktail Hour

Wedding Decor Checklist: Cocktail Hour

A wedding cocktail hour is a good time for the guests to prepare and unwind as they wait for the reception party. The wedding cocktail hour is about the experience of your guests, and that's why it's essential to have a wedding décor checklist to guide you and ensure the satisfaction of your guests.

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