Crafting a Stunning DIY Champagne Wall for Your Big Day


Your wedding is a special day beyond compare, so it's worth decorating to match the occasion. Many choose to construct some of their decorations for the event, one popular option being a champagne wall. Making a DIY champagne wall might seem intimidating given the fantastic results, but it's a relatively simple process if you know what you're doing and have the proper help. Here's a quick guide about everything you should know about champagne walls at your wedding.

What is a Champagne Wall?

Champagne walls are large wall structures that hold beverages, particularly flutes of champagne. Depending on the level of glitz and involvement the hosts would like, the champagne wall can include drink display holders stuck to an existing surface or involve the entire wall structure. While you can certainly buy these, making a DIY champagne wall is easy to do on your own without breaking your budget.

Why Should I Have a Champagne Wall?

A champagne wall is a convenient way to store a large number of beverages in an eye-catching way. As guests filter into the venue, they can take a glass from the wall. It's an easy way to let people serve themselves and promotes a less stuffy atmosphere than taking a table seat to get a drink.

Ways to Use a Champagne Wall at Your Wedding

There are many ways you could use a champagne wall at your wedding. Given how versatile they are, a DIY champagne wall could fit at any wedding, regardless of theme. Here are some ideas you can use when you plan out your champagne wall project:

Seating Chart

Plotting out the seating chart at a wedding is difficult, but communicating the plan to everyone makes it worse. You can simplify the process by combining it with your champagne wall. Arranging the glasses with name tags on specific parts of the wall is an easy and fun way to tell everyone where to sit. Grab your drink, then go over and grab your seat.

Cocktail Hour

Despite the name, champagne walls don't have to be limited to champagne. As long as the holders match the glass, you could put up just about anything. Cocktails are an enjoyable option since many mixed drinks have vibrant color schemes. A wall of bubbly is nice, but a wall of multi-colored spiked slushies looks even better.

Bring the Outside In

You can customize your champagne wall to match your wedding decor in many ways. For indoor weddings, champagne walls provide a simple way to add a splash of green or flowers. You could cover your wall with flowers, ivy, vines, or something else entirely. There's also the idea of matching your decorations to a specific drink, like adorning the wall with certain herbs to match the botanicals mixed into cocktails.

Other Events

Thanks to the champagne wall's versatility, especially when you DIY, it can match any other event you might need. Beyond weddings, a champagne wall could be great for a graduation, a big game party, a birthday bash, and much more.

Make Your Own Champagne Wall, Today!

A champagne wall is a beautiful and functional asset to any wedding. Making a DIY champagne wall is a simple process, provided you have a basic level of know-how and an eye for the aesthetic. If you're feeling inspired, Occasional Paper Cuts can help you out. Check out our selection of party supplies to get started, and watch out for more guides like this in the future.



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