9 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding (Without Actually Having Them There)

Most pet owners cannot imagine what they would do without their beloved pet taking part in the big wedding day in some form or fashion. While having their pet attend the ceremony may be out of the question, thankfully, there are other ways that your pet can be included in the big day.

Customized Stirring Sticks

You can have your pet's face printed onto stirring sticks to be used in cocktails served at the event. You can get these stirring sticks made from either a plastic material or, for a more classy look, you can get them made from wooden material. The choice is yours, but these are delightful ways to include your pet's image in your wedding.

Add an Illustration to the Invitation Suite

You may get the illustrator of your save-the-dates to add a custom illustration of your pet to each invite sent out. Guests will see a cute picture of your beloved pet when they receive their invite.

Consider Your Stationery

There is likely to be a lot of stationery used to put a wedding together. Every piece of it is an open opportunity to put an image of your pet on the stationery before it is sent out to guests. 

Don't Forget the Cocktail Napkins

The cocktail napkins you use for your wedding are another place where you can potentially put an image of your pet on them. It would be best if you looked into doing this as there will be cocktail napkins at literally every table at the event. 

Take Engagement Photos Together

You don't necessarily have to have your pet at your wedding to get some great pictures with them. You can have professional engagement photos taken with them if you want to. You need to make sure you have those photos readily available to show off to all of your wedding guests when they come to visit you on your big day! 

Think About Other Paper Goods As Well

There are other paper goods you might set on the various tables at your wedding to help you put your personalized touch on the big day, like identifying table numbers or using a QR code on the table number to let guests know the menu. You might want to throw a picture of your pet onto these paper goods as well as a way to add a little extra flair to the event.

Custom Dog Signature Drink Tag Charms

Have your pet's image on these adorable drink tags that help all guests keep their drinks organized. With so many drinks at a table, it can be easy for people to get confused about whose glass belongs to who. Fortunately, these pet drink tags will make it easier for them to keep it all organized. 

Personal Menu

Dog-inspired beverage options are always popular with guests, and many young couples are now making that a part of their wedding. A menu with an image of your dog (or cat) and a pun-inspired name for a drink is a great way to create an entertaining memory. 

Signature Cocktail

Get creative with custom cocktails that are somehow related to your pet. Perhaps you name the cocktail after your pet or act as if it is "their favorite drink." Either way, a signature cocktail is needed for your big day. 

Shop Custom Wedding Decorations 

Every decoration included in your wedding can have some tie-in to your pets if you want them to. If you're going to make your day special and include your pet without them even being there, custom wedding decorations are the way to go. 

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May 27, 2022 — V Digital Services
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