The Occasional Wall - Food and Drink Walls to a Sign Base/Stand


Meet the Occasional Wall, the display wall the will adapt to many events and occasions. From Champaign wall to a 4x8 backdrop. The best thing is it will also breakdown and fit in a sedan trunk with just removal of 4 screws!! The default wall ships with 6 shelve that will hold champagne flutes, wine glasses, and food cones. Each shelf holds 6 for a total of 36 spaces. 

Modular options:

  • solid shelf (shot glasses, cupcakes, bottles, & etc.)
  • Peg shelf (donuts, bracelets, & pretzels)
  • Custom fit acrylic panels
  • 4' x 8' printed panels (foam board, acrylic, corrugated plastic)
  • Seating Chart with Escort Cards
  • Display Wall Cups & Cones

Large Signage Option

Remove the shelves and use the wall to mount large signage too. Such as welcome signs, seating charts, and themed backdrops. You can use temporary 3M Command Strips for a good hold but easy to remove with fishing line or dental floss.  Message us if you need custom fit/printed panels or signage. 

Themes where wall may help

  • Take Shot Seating Chart
  • Champagne Wall Escort Wall
  • Donut Wall
  • Cupcake Wall
  • Hors D'oeuvre Wall
  • Juice Wall
  • Pretzel Wall
  • Display Wall Cups & Coness