Large Custom Birthday Cutouts - 4'x8' Sheet


How to order:

Upload your images you need cut. Send actual saved images not screenshots. 

Enter the sizes of each item in the personalization box. 

How Pricing Works:

Our pricing model is based on a minimum order of one 4ft x 8ft sheet of material, priced at $100. This sheet can accommodate multiple cutouts, allowing you to maximize value. Additionally, shipping costs typically range between $20-30.

For instance, you could fit 3-5 pieces measuring 3ft tall on a single 4x8 sheet for $100. Alternatively, one 7ft cutout or a combination of one 6ft and one 3ft cutout can also be accommodated on a sheet for the same price.

If you just need one single piece, we recommend bundling orders for multiple events onto a single sheet whenever possible. This approach reduces the per-piece cost and maximizes cost efficiency.

Each of the sets in the images all fit on a 4x8 sheet. 

Should you need further clarification or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to assist you!

Text: ‪(469) 912-0519‬