Acrylic Champagne Wall Flute Holder | Holds 4, 8, or 12 Glasses | 12", 24", & 36" Wide


Our Champagne wall Holders/shelves are made from clear 3/16” acrylic. Each shelf has holes for mounting screws. Screws are included. These look sleek and are a lot less work than the wood shelves. No painted or staining.

We have 3 sizes

12" wide -- holds 4 flutes

24" wide -- holds 8 flutes

36" wide -- holds 12 flutes


How to order

  • If you need a shelf that fits a 4ft wide wall you would order the 12 flute shelf (36" wide)

  • If you need enough to fill the 4ft x 8ft wall, we would order a "12 Flute -- Set of 4" shelves. That will give you 48 glasses/flutes per wall.

There is about 1" behind the glass. Should be plenty of room for your faux greenery.

Glass base cannot be wider than 3.125"

If you need a custom size please reach out. We can also make these for shot glasses or any other glass if you have an example you can send to us.