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Place cards have evolved from simple cards showing guests where to sit to sophisticated cards with multiple roles. They streamline catering, help guests identify each other, and complement your venue's decor.

Occasional Paper Cuts has been on the front of customizing place cards for birthdays, weddings, engagements, graduation, bridals, and corporate events. We personalize the cards to match your specific design ideas and wedding theme.

Our customized place cards stand out for the following reasons.

Show Your Guests to Their Seats With Style

Like any typical place card, ours show guests the specific seat to use during a special event. The cards minimize the confusion that could result when your guests try to locate their designated seats without guidance.

Our cards come in multiple shapes to let you choose a design that looks great for your event. Depending on your preferences, you can go for one with a semicircle, circle, starfish, sunflower, Mason jar, Christmas tree, reindeer, or Cinderella carriage shape or even champagne drink charms..

Furthermore, we customize the cards with colors like Rose gold, silver mirror, wood, clear, and any other shade that can add a stunning touch of glam to your event. We let clients choose their place card's most suitable shape and color.


Each place card from Occasional Paper Cuts is designed to facilitate proper etiquette at your event. The cards address guests by name, guide each guest to their designated sitting place and streamline catering.

Our designers use the following blueprint to design cards with proper etiquette.

Create a Custom Place Card for Every Guest

Missing place cards means some guests fail to find their seats easily during an event. They will end up frustrated after passing from table to table, looking for their reserved seat in vain. For that reason, before delivering an order, we counter-check the list of guests to make sure we designed a place card for everyone.

Address Guests by Their Preferred Name

Besides helping attendees identify seats, we understand that guests sharing a table might not know each other, especially if an event has hundreds of attendees. For that reason, the guests use the cards' names to identify each other.

To simplify identification, we ensure that each card has the guest's correctly-spelled name so that attendees address each other by the correct name.

Write Names in an Easy-to-See Font

Guests can easily bypass their names at that moment when everyone at an event is trying to find their reserved seat. We offer a variety of easy to read fonts to help guests identify their names from afar. With the selected fonts, guests will more easily locate their seats.

Color Code Personalized Place Card

Occasional Paper Cuts color codes the custom place cards for hosts offering catered meals to simplify the catering process. With color-coded cards, caterers won't have to pass from table to table asking guests what they take. They use colors to identify a guest's food preferences.

Customize the Cards According to the Event's Theme

Our designers understand that the best custom place cards' design should complement that of candles, flowers, vases, and other decors. We have several exclusive designs to help you order a design that matches your venue's decor and wedding theme.

Personalized Place Cards & Decorations for Special Events

Occasional Paper Cuts makes custom place cards for birthdays, graduations, weddings, engagement parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, mother's day, baby showers, sorority, Christmas, and any other event.

We have hundreds of customizable designs to help you choose a card that matches your event's exact theme. To make an order, you provide the shape, shade, name, and message you want to reflect on a card. Afterward, our designers customize the cards to your exact specifications.

Place cards are no longer simple cards directing guests to their seats. Instead, they are sophisticated embellishments that simplify catering, make guests feel welcomed, complement your decor, and help guests identify each other with their desired name.

If you want such a personalized place card for your upcoming event, check out our selection to pick one that looks great for your event or email us with any special requests.

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