Signature Dog Drink Stir Stick, Wood Engraved Cocktail sticks, Wedding Drink Sticks (ONE-SIDED) Send YOUR dog’s image. (set of 50)


These sticks are the perfect custom touch for your bar, wedding, or any event!

They are made from Birchwood and and about 1.125" wide by 6" long. Engraved on ONE side.

**Sold in sets of 50


* Please note that these are engraved and darkness will vary from stick to stick as a result of the make up of the wood and what part of the tree the stick was made from.

*** How to order ***

1. Upload photo 
2. Select how many sets of 50 you want. One photo per 50.
3. Add next if needed.
4. Add to cart, repeat for next dog.

We will send a proof before start production.

Email Photo to:

Let us know if you have ANY questions at all! We are always around ;)

Kacy & Cole
Occasional Paper Cuts