Copy of Acrylic Drink Tag, Place Cards for Champagne Walls - Dog Wood


| Grabs glass for better HOLD! |

Our tags have been designed to fit the glass with a light yet snug fit to keep them upright and from easily falling off!

|Item Details|

These Drink tag/charms are the perfect custom touch for your bar, wedding, or any event!

They are made from 1/8" Birch plywood and are about 1.5"

Engraved on ONE side.

| Sizing |

Thin Rim -- fits the thinnest of glasses like fine wine glasses and champagne glasses.
Thick Rim -- fits almost all other glasses. Whiskey, Collins, and even normal bar pint glasses.

Please send us a messages if you are concerned about the fit. You can always order a few and test fit.

| How To Order |

1. Select glass rim size
3. Set Quantity
2. Enter drink name or title in the "Personalization Box" Email Photo to

Let us know if you have ANY questions at all! We are always around ;)